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Accomplishments & Awards

2021 JMA Songwriter of the Year: Pitching & Personal Catalog

2021 JMA Songwriter Achievement Award

2020 JMA Country Album of the Year

2019 JMA Modern Country Artist

2019 JMA Songwriter & Album of the Year Nominee

2018 Independent Music Network Country Male artist nominee

2018 KORN JAM 100.3FM Battle Winner

2018 NashNext FINALIST (WFMS)

2018 JMA Modern Country Male Artist

2017 Independent Music Network Country Impact Artist

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Akin to his Midwest values, Trace Thompson believes that music should be “real”, and his songwriting is a product of his life and those around him. A student of the 80s and 90s rock and country scene, Trace strives to make his music relatable and fun, but also have meaning. His passion for music rekindled in 2012 on the honky tonk stages in Texas and Oklahoma armed with nothing but his guitar. Those lessons on the Red Dirt scene brought a new dynamic to his songwriting, and he continues to blend different styles in his music and performances.

Delivering messages through his distinct vocals, powerful performances, and memorable lyrics, Trace wants to build a relationship with each listener. His efforts as an independent artist landed him on the stages in Nashville, TN in 2014, and provided opportunities to open for many national acts including Chase Rice, Randy Houser, Midland, Austin Burke, and Justin Moore.


In late 2017, Trace released his first single, "Jesus & Me" which had tremendous success landing the #1 spot on an radio syndication played across the United States.   Following the success of his single, Trace released his first album "Get It Right" in February 2018 which contained 10 original tracks.  He then followed that up with the sultry, blues single, "Hourglass" in Feb 2019, and then wrote and released his first duet, "Words" in April 2019.  Trace's songs have hit multiple independent country charts and playlists worldwide which resulted in him being awarded the 2017 IMN Country Impact Artist, and being awarded the 2018 & 2019 Modern Male Country Artist in the Josie Music Awards, 2020 Independent Country Album of the Year, and two songwriting awards in 2021.

Performance video

Performance Venues include:

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